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Aluminum Pallet

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About Product

The aluminum alloy pallet is made of high-strength and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, which is durable, light in weight, strong in bearing capacity and beautiful in appearance.
Its surface does not require galvanizing or electrostatic spraying, maintenance-free, long service life, and easy to recycle and reuse. Advantages, suitable for forklift operation, easy access to goods.

Advantages of aluminum pallet performance:
Light weight: about 12-13KG/piece, light weight, reducing the weight and difficulty of labor and operation.
Stability: caliper-type technology, firm structure, in line with GB/T4995 standard.
Super value preservation: 80% of the residual value is recycled, which is green and environmentally friendly.
Easy maintenance: standardized components, which can be replaced by a single piece, and can be customized according to customers.
Prevent qualitative change: sterile, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, fire-proof.
Export advantages: No need for fumigation, high temperature disinfection and antiseptic treatment.
Material advantage: Comply with the packaging material standards for goods entering other countries, like USA, Canada, and the European Union.

Item No Width Depth Height Static Load Live Load Weight
TAPA01  1200  800 150 6000kg 2000kg 15kg
TAPA02  1200  1000 150 6000kg 2000kg 15.5kg
TAPA03 1200 1200 150 6000kg 2000kg 17kg
TAPA04  1100  1100 150 4000kg 1500kg 11.5kg
TAPA05 1200 1100 150 6000kg 2000kg 16kg


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Aluminum Pallet

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