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Pallet Flow Racking

IN Gravity Flow System
About Product

Basic Info

  Name   Pallet Flow Racking   Model No.   IGF01
  Capacity   Up to 1500kg/Pallet   Material   Q235 or Q345 High Grade Steel
  Certificate   TUV, CE, ISO9000   Design Standards   Meet FEM, AS4084
  Finish   Powder Coating or Galvanized
  Est. Cost   USD$80/Pallet Location   Price Validation   December 2018
  Main Components   Frame (Upright, Bracing, foot plate), Beam, Frame Tie, Roller Track, and accessories included
  Optional   Upright Protector, Frame Protector, Pallet Stopper, etc.
  Color   Standard color – Blue RAL5015, Orange RAL2004, Orange RAL2008, Yellow RAL1003, Grey RAL7047, Dark Grey RAL7011, Green RAL6001. Customized color available upon providing RAL number.
  Packaging   Knockdown, well packed with plywood, plastic/steel strip, plastic film, cardboard box, plywood box.
  Shipping Port   Nanjing / Shanghai, China
  Payment Term   40% as down payment, balance before delivery
  MOQ   No Requirement
  Lead Time   Standard 3-4 weeks
  Warranty   5 Year for racking / 1 years for rollers
Information needed if you want our designs and pricing:
1, Pallet Size and fork entry side
2, Pallet Weight and Height (loads included)
3, Storage Area measurements or Warehouse drawings
4, Expected storage capacity if you have
5, other details such as pallet flow frequency, forklift type, functional storage areas, etc.

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Pallet Flow Racking for palletised loads are compact structures that incorporate roller track sections placed on a sloped lane to allow the pallets to slide down.

The pallets are put in at the highest part of the rolling section and move by the force of gravity and at a controlled speed towards the other end, where they remain until they are ready to be removed. It is ideal for the following areas:

– Strict FIFO ( First In First Out) required goods warehouse.
– Perishable goods warehouses.
– Intermediate warehouses between two working zones.
– Dispatch areas, where pallets need to be removed quickly.
– Holding warehouses (prepared orders, classification channels in automatic circuits, etc).

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Pallet Flow Racking

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