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Electrical Mobile Racking

IN Warehouse Automtion
About Product

The standard pallet racks are placed on the electric mobile base, thus forming a group of multi-column shelves and only one working aisle is reserved. When the forklift enters the required position to pick up the goods, the shelf is opened by the controller to open the required lane. If the remote control equipment is selected to cooperate with the forklift, the access efficiency of the goods can be improved. The use of mobile pallet racks requires the installation of embedded rails on the ground and the ground needs special structural handling.

Electric mobile shelves are often conceived at the warehouse design stage. This storage system has been widely used in environments requiring temperature control, such as low temperature freezer. This system provides nearly 100% warehouse storage.


  • High-density storage, free access to all pallets in the warehouse
  • safe and protection of the storage of goods (The system can be locked)
  • When using a remote control device, better to plan a access sequence in advance.
  • System security is required higher than international standards
  • Only regular forklift required
  • Optional series or independent control system
  • Smaller Warehouse building than normal pallet racks
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Electrical Mobile Racking

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