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Step Style Wire Decking

IN Wire Decking
About Product

Step style wire decking is widely used on beams that have a step, to provide supports for the materials, also with protection to operators and warehouse safety, for its total ventilation designs.

Why using wire mesh decking?
- Better fire safety performace, meets stringent insurance requirements
– Durable and maintenance free, no warp, twist or sag
– Clean, no dusts build up on the shelf
– Quick assembly, no fasteners
– More visiable, more lights get through shelf
– Versatile for any storage places, especially for cool room and freezers

 Item No  Mesh Size  Wire Dia.  Supports  Capacity (lbs)
 IMD4642 2.5″x4″ 5.0 3 2000
 IMD4648 2.5″x4″ 5.0 3 2000
 IMD5242 2.5″x4″ 5.0 3 2000
 IMD5248 2.5″x4″ 5.0 3 2000
 IMD5842 2.5″x4″ 5.0 4 2500
 IMD5848 2.5″x4″ 5.0 4 2500


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Step Style Wire Decking

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