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Multi Depth Wire Decking

IN Wire Decking
About Product

Multi depth wire mesh decking is used on several depth of racks including spacing between frames. It will increase space as no room waste between frames. It also is widely used as a good solution for storage of archinve file box and bins.

Why using wire mesh decking?
- Better fire safety performace, meets stringent insurance requirements
– Durable and maintenance free, no warp, twist or sag
– Clean, no dusts build up on the shelf
– Quick assembly, no fasteners
– More visiable, more lights get through shelf
– Versatile for any storage places, especially for cool room and freezers.

This wire deck is often customize manufactured as per various demands. The fundamental parameters of this decking are as follows:

Wire Diameter: 4mm / 5mm
Wire Mesh Size: 25x100mm
Channel Supports: 2mm
Galvanized or Powder coated


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Multi Depth Wire Decking

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