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Wire Mesh Container

IN Storage Container
About Product

Wire container is also called as wire cage or wire basket, which is durable and stronger, at the same time, it is easy to folding down and stacking high. Because wire container has special strong feet and heavy duty under-sturcture which gives the ability to stack 4 high with heavy loads. Good visibility and same loading space by using wire container make the warehouse management unitized and standard. When unused, the wire container can be folded down to save space. It is easy for forklift accessing from four sides. Optional accessories include dividers, shelves, card holders, name plates, casters, locking security lid, fork pockets, bar runners for storage on rack beams.








1) Sliding locking handles hold drop side securely.
2) The ‘U’ formed channel for base made by robot welding, ensuring welding quality and strong capacity.
3) Spiral hinge wire imporves side panel steady and collapsible, foldable flat to save space.
4) Double welded wire structure to reinforce side panel for stacking safety
5) Arched steel legs design increase strength and steady
6) U formed wire at bottom of the side panels to lock itself in position.
7) Locking clips joins 3 sides togethers to ensure durability
8) U formed hoops used with handles to fix the drop gate with other 3 sides.
9) Holes on base channels for fixing castors.
10) Steel name plate for identification

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Item No. Nominal Size Wire Diameter Mesh Pitch Capacity Leg Height Stackable
IWM8060A 800*600*640 3.0 14*14 500kg 100 4pcs
IWM1080C 1000*800*500 5.0 50*50 500kg 100 4pcs
IWM1080B 1000*800*840 6.0 50*50 1500kg 100 4pcs
IWM1080A 1000*800*840 6.0 50*100 1000kg 100 4pcs
IWM1280B 1200*800*840 6.0 50*50 1500kg 100 4pcs
IWM1280A 1200*800*840 6.0 50*100 1000kg 100 4pcs
IWM1210B1 1200*1000*890 6.0 50*50 1500kg 100 4pcs
IWM1210B2 1200*1000*890 6.0 50*100 1000kg 100 4pcs
IWM1210A1 1200*1000*1050 6.0 50*50 1500kg 100 4pcs
IWM1210A2 1200*1000*1050 6.0 50*100 1000kg 100 4pcs


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Wire Mesh Container

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