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Standard Pallet Shuttle

IN High Density Storage System
About Product

The pallet shuttle cart is used with forklift to achieve semi-automatic storage of the materials.

Model No Brief Description Remark
 ISC-ST  Imported motor and drive, visal operation, inventory, parameterize design  Multi-Options
 ISC-NW  Integrated WMS, Electronics, realtime monitoring, remote commissioning  Integrated Version
 ISC-LT  For working in low temperature warehouses -30 degree  heating device
 ISC-ASRS  Working in ASRS warehouse, to replace stacker to achieve multi-depth operation

Standard Technical Parameter

1) Versatile in pallet sizes – Length 1200-1400mm, Width 800-1300mm
2) Max Load: 2000kg
3) Travel Speed: Full load 0.8m/s, Empty 1m/s
4) Battery: Lithium iron phosphate, 24V, 64A, for 8 hours continous working
5) Standard Components: 1xCart, 1xBattery, 1xCharger, 1xRemote Control, 1xUser mannual.

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Standard Pallet Shuttle

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